A "Guardian" angel cradles the

Sun, Earth and Mars.


Coast Guard anchors

encompass deep space.

Latin translates to

Justice, Mercy, the World.


Earth, Mars, the Sun,

angelic Lady Justice

At the Saturn Awards ceremony in 1979 in Los Angeles, CA, I was asked if I wanted to help out with making sure speakers and award winners had everything they needed for the taped broadcast. It was an event to remember as I met many science fiction notables and spent a lot of my time with Mark Hamil. “Empire Strikes Back” was still in theaters and he hosted the event. But the moment which enabled my career was when I got to speak to Gene Roddenberry for the second time.


The first was when a friend of mine delivered an illustration I had made of him when I first moved to California. I called his office to make sure he received it. I was more than nervous when I was put through to him and we spoke briefly. A pay phone call from a Howard Johnson's restaurant in North Hollywood, CA. Hardly ceremonious.


Here I was, two years later, standing next to Gene Roddenberry in the wings before he received a Life Career Award from the organization. “Excuse me, sir, my name is Kevin Birnbaum and I sent you a pencil drawing of you in a Captain's shirt.” He remembered the drawing as well as our conversation. Feeling too full of myself, I said, “I think I came up with an idea better than “Star Trek.” I was hoping he'd ask what it was – but instead he said something personally encouraging. “You don't know how good it does my heart to hear someone say that. What all the fans have done over the years has been flattering. But the point is to learn from our mistakes, and do your own thing.” There was nothing I could say even if it wasn't time for him to take the stage. As I recall, his acceptance speech was fairly brief. Paraphrasing, he said, “I don't know why I'm receiving this award. I've always written what I like and if someone doesn't like it, tough!,” and off he went.


It is with that sentiment of being original and using Gene Roddenberry's work as an example of what to do right and wrong, that I went about my own creations – most notably with a series concept reflecting a not too distant future based on today's events called “Starwatch.”


Kevin S. Birnbaum, Producer, series Creator.


Webster's Dictionary Definition of science fiction: fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals or having a scientific factor as an essential orienting component. This definition does not include "action/adventure," "hot guys and dolls," "aliens," "fantasy," "time travel," "vampires," "animation," "supernatural," "metaphysics," etc., etc., etc... In short, with RARE exception, Hollywood doesn't know what science fiction is on the small or big screen. They are generally no more than Cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers. They are equated with pubescent to adolescent cognitive abilities.
No more reboots. “...the point is to learn from our mistakes and do your own thing.” Gene Roddenberry
“Starwatch” The Movie, is a political science fiction courtroom mystery containing elements of our series.

If humanity keeps on its current path, our journey by the year 2074 will consist of two societies so hell bent on destroying each other they had to give up their ability to battle and live on two different planets.


This is your choice for you and your family:

Live in a society where everything is handed to you for a life of comfort in exchange for a limitation

of personal growth and gain, OR, live in a society as the world exists today but with nary a trace of order.


It is your good fortune to get a glimpse of future history as it shows the ramifications of the actions we take today – we've been warned in “Starwatch.”

Pure Humanists, based on Earth, believe in Earth's sovereignty choosing to die than be

subjugated in any way.


Previously known as Old Earth Loyalists while fighting the former World Unity Corporation, they have always felt being loyal to Earth meant being loyal to their God given birthrights of choice and individual freedoms.


But those freedoms have created large swaths of anarchy and there are few police protections.


Fortunately for them, the Current Ager charter says they must share any new knowledge that helps humankind with them.

The Current Ager society, based on Mars, believes mankind does not have the innate nature to place self preservation as a species over individual desires.


Society must have the courage and unwavering conviction to curtail some of the most fundamental aspects of what makes us human until the following occurs: either natural evolution takes hold of the concept of humankind helping each other – or until it is societally bred into them.


Once known as the World Unity Corporation, they created "corpornations," eliminated country borders, and controlled just about everything. These actions gave birth to the rebellious Old Earth Loyalists who fought them at every turn, and were renamed Pure Humanists after treaties were enacted.

"Starwatch" is political science fiction presenting a future-history arc combining the Earth of today with the Earth of tomorrow - the same way current history connects us to where we've been and how we got here.


"Starwatch's" two societies in which human kind exist is based on today's economic disparity between an uber wealthy minority and the rest of the world doing the work for them - on two different worlds.


Our current world was formulated between 1944-1954 or so, 64-65 years ago, after World War II. That war is still discussed on a daily basis, illustrating what happened globally in its aftermath set the chain of events in motion to create the world we live in today. That being said, at its core are the ramifications of societal issues put into effect from 2015-2025 referencing things going on today, making the viewer a piece of living history.


Over 50 years ago, what was undoubtedly the greatest science fiction show of all time, had to hide its messages of politics, war, racism, social classes and more, in worlds and times far away from the sanitized TV's of the 1960's. It was the only way to get such topics on TV. As if it was not enough to push the envelope of accepted broadcast fare, breaching the topic of what political changes took place on our planet to get to that spring board of heroic leaders with their emboldened vision of peace and optimism, was just not possible from both a commercial and writing perspective.


That was in the 20th century. Needless to say, times have changed, and instead of three networks there are now hundreds of outlets open to just about any and everything worldwide. Trying to predict the future geopolitically, based on current events, leads us to the Asteroid Belt in 2075


"Starwatch's" veneer may be considered space where people try to bring humanity together, or in our case separate if that is where humanity takes us, if the show were created even 20 years ago. But it's clear with technological breakthroughs and monumental discoveries about nature happening on a daily basis, the setting of space to tell a story is just as much reality as a city street.


It is time for a show to illustrate how our actions will realistically effect the lives of our children and grand children. It is time for a show to be bold and ground breaking once again.


The words “bold” and “ground breaking” are enough to keep most any network running for the hills! They enjoy the tried and true and we can't blame them. Another cop, doctor show, lawyer, cooking, reality, sitcom, detective...  you get the idea.



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